Copper River Salmon

Copper River Salmon at City Fish Co.!!

Copper River season opens annually around May 16th with Kings and Sockeyes (reds) arriving first and lasting through late August with Coho (silver) Salmon. Giving FIVE! bountiful months of Copper River Salmon to enjoy.

All of City Fish's Copper River Salmon are sustainably harvested from the Copper River Delta. Where the pristine waters of The Gulf of Alaska and the Copper River meet in South central Alaska, one of the last remaining intact watersheds in the world.


Alaska’s Copper River is a pristine environment that for five months every year produces three species of premium wild salmon: Copper River king, sockeye and coho.

Rich in heart-healthy fats (Omega 3’s), Copper River Salmon are packed with health benefits. Copper River King Salmon are known for their rich, mild flavors and deep orange flesh while Copper River Sockeye Salmon boast a bold salmon flavor and vibrant red flesh. With Copper River Coho Salmon being somewhere in the middle, a bit milder in flavor than Sockeye but not as large and rich as King Salmon featuring a firm flesh and delicate flavor.


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